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New Reports and Other Material: Posted in 2006

Alternative Methods of Financing Graduate Medical Education, May 2006.  (Posted 12/11/06)

Adult Day Services:  A Key Community Service for Older Adults, July 2006.  (Posted 11/29/06)

Graduate Medical Education:  What Are We Paying For?, October 13, 2006.  (Posted 11/15/06)

Historical and Projected Trends In Medicaid, October 2006.  (Posted 11/01/06)

Evaluation of Early Offer Reform of Medical Malpractice Claims:  Final Report, June 5, 2006.  (Posted 11/01/06)

Benefits and Costs of Increased Child Support Distribution to Current and Former Welfare Recipients, October 2005.  (Posted 10/31/06)

Consumer and Consultant Experiences in the Florida Consumer Directed Care Program, June 2005.  (Posted 10/26/06)

Evaluation Design of the Business Case of Health Information Technology in Long-Term Care:  Final Report, July 13, 2006.  (Posted 10/11/06)

Indicators of Welfare Dependence, Annual Report to Congress, 2006.  (Posted 09/28/06)

Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology, April 2006.  (Posted 09/26/06)

First Year Impacts of the Heritage Keepers®:  Life Skills Education Component, August 2006.  (Posted 09/15/06)

An Introduction to the National Nursing Assistant Survey, September 2006.  (Posted 09/14/06)

Ensuring a Qualified Long-Term Care Workforce:  From Pre-Employment Screens to On-the-Job Monitoring, May 2006.  (Posted 08/11/06)

Public Financing of Home and Community Services for Children and Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbances: Selected State Strategies, June 2006.  (Posted 07/25/06)

Examination of Texas Rider 37:  A Medicaid "Money Follows the Person" Long-Term Care Initiative, May 2006.  (Posted 07/24/06)

Making the "Minimum Data Set" Compliant with Health Information Technolocay Standards, July 5, 2006.  (Posted 07/12/06)

A Study of Negotiated Risk Agreements in Assisted Living:  Final Report, February 13, 2006.  (Posted 05/17/06)

Supply of Direct Support Professionals Serving Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Other Developmental Disabilities:  Report to Congress, January 2006.  (Posted 05/16/06)

State Discipline of Physicians: Assessing State Medical Boards through Case Studies, February 2006.  (Posted 04/28/06)

The Supply and Demand of Professional Social Workers Providing Long-Term Care Services:  Report to Congress, March 2006.  (Posted 04/25/06)

The Size and Characteristics of the Residential Care Population:  Evidence from Three National Surveys, January 2006.  (Posted 04/20/06)

Guide to Analyzing the Cost-Effectiveness of Community Public Health Prevention Approaches, March 2006.  (Posted 04/18/06)

Consumer and Consultant Experiences in the New Jersey Personal Preference Program, July 2005.  (Posted 04/14/06)

Barriers to American Indian/Alaska Native/Native American Access to DHHS Programs, April 2006.  (Posted 03/28/06)

Assessing the Appeal of the Cash and Counseling Demonstration in Arkansas, New Jersey and Florida, July 2005.  (Posted 03/28/06)

Pilot Long-Term Care Awareness Campaign:  Phase I Final Report, February 2006.  (Posted 03/15/06)

Employer Provided Health Insurance:  What can be learned from the Form 5500?, January 2006.  (Posted 03/08/06)

Experiences of Workers Hired Under Cash and Counseling:  Findings from Arkansas, Florida, and New Jersey, August 2005.  (Posted 03/06/06)

Data Briefs on Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Buyers/Non-Buyers:

Policy Briefs on Medicaid Eligibility Policies for Long-Term Care Benefits:

Coordinating Care in the Fee-for-Service System for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions, May 2005.  (Posted 02/10/06)

Issues in the Design and Implementation of Drug Formularies and Therapeutic Classes, September 2005.  (Posted 01/31/06)

Literature Review and Synthesis of Physician Practices in Nursing Homes, October 2005.  (Posted 01/30/06)

Barriers to Implementing Technology in Residential Long-Term Care Settings, December 2005.  (Posted 01/18/06)

How Cash and Counseling Affects Informal Caregivers:  Findings from Arkansas, Florida, and New Jersey, July 2005.  (Posted 01/12/06)

Regulatory Review of Adult Day Services:  Final Report, August 2005.  (Posted 01/03/06)

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